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Tech One Global offers distribution and software licensing models that meet that your business challenges. Tech One Global aims to develop end-to-end licensing infrastructure that is highly suited to your company’s needs and business goals while warranting exemplary customer experience. We deliver top-notch licensing systems tailored for maximum involvement and compatibility with the different units across your organization. Our technical team assures seamless licensing systems operations from research and design, implementation and business integration, to active evaluation and upgrading.


DistributionTech One Global pioneered the concept of value-added software distribution back in 2004. As a committed software distribution company, Tech One Global offers partners technical support, licensing expertise, partner readiness programs and employee-dedicated account executives for Original Equipment Manufacturer, Retail, Small and Medium Enterprise and Enterprise resellers. Our distribution services extends from delivery to installation, configuration, testing and maintenance of Microsoft based applications. We aim to minimize difficulty by assuring efficient IT systems functionality. By presenting a sturdy IT infrastructure, we guarantee flawless resource management systems in your organization.

Tech One Global is the distributor or local partner in several countries and territories for Microsoft.

Microsoft Authorized Distributor 

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Sanje / Document Management

Sanje Offices

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Tech One Global offers expert IT solutions based on Microsoft technology worldwide. We bring solutions fully adapted to the needs of our clients. Our service approach is consultative from the onset to maintenance so as to present both cost-effective and relevant solutions for your business requirements. Since 2006 our professional services team have provided a number of solutions, which include Unified Messaging, OCS and Exchange, Windows mobile push mail and calendar integration, MOSS SharePoint, server consolidation, virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, ERP, and Microsoft Axapta to Small and Medium Enterprise and Enterprise clients in Finance and Banking, Airlines, Government, and Telecommunications.

Tech One Global is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, ISO Certified, and a leading IT service provider in the South Asian region.

Microsoft Partner

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Latest Offerings

Adobe: Make your MarkSep 3, 2013 - Make your mark in the world, be an Adobe Certified Associate. Hands-on training with Sri Lanka's ONLY Adobe Certified Educator. Courses offered are: Web Communication using Dreamweaver, Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash Professional and Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop. Enroll now at Tech One Learning

Like Tech One Bangladesh on FacebookSep 25, 2013 - It's Great to Stay Connected! Like Tech One Bangladesh on Facebook now and receive updates on the latest news, projects, promos and company milestones!!!

ECM Info SessionOct 9, 2013 - Engage.Connect.Make It Happen. Do more when enjoying the benefits of Enterprise Content Management solutions. Venue is Platinum Suites, Registration starts at 6:00pm and session starts at 7:00pm.

Microsoft VirtualizationOct 10, 2013 - Develop your knowledge in Microsoft Virtualizaton. Get trained and certified in the core skills now.

Analog Devices - Powered by EnadocOct 9, 2013 - Tech One is happy to announce that Analog Devices, a leader in the semiconductor industry, has partnered with Enadoc, for their document management needs.



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Document Management

Tech One delivers quality services by providing the required data quantity within the client’s timeframe and standards. The use of the industry’s leading capture and production-level equipment by our certified team of technical experts will guarantee top-level document management services whenever and wherever needed.

We offer a range of products and services to cater to your document management needs.

Document Digitization

We provide professional document conversion services with trained professionals handling state-of-the-art equipment to digitize documents and release them to destination solutions.

Forms Processing

We perform automatic data extraction using ergonomically-designed forms for mass-scale data processing (surveys, financial data processing, etc.). We have worked with large-scale clients to process forms within prescribed deadlines.

Archive/Back file Conversion

Our expertise in archive conversion services allow us to digitize millions of documents within short periods, all within the required industry standards and quality levels.

  • DocuTeam, our dedicated back file conversion team, specializes in converting archive files to digital format by scanning and indexing content. Our team is capable of converting anything ranging from simple, thousand-page archives to multimillion-page count archives in record times.
  • Each team consists of specialists on document preprocessing, scanning, indexing, and index reformatting in any format, while supporting more than 100 different content and document management solutions.
  • We can convert up to 25,000 pages a day, and we can even do more depending on client specifications.

Data Collection & Presentation

We collect data from a variety of sources such as surveys, geographical data, census data, and more. We also do data analysis, perform XML/HTML/RTF files preparation and report generation.

Data Entry

We provide professional data entry services which are industry-standard, using state-of-the-art technology operated by trained professionals.

  • eHarvesters, our rapid data extraction group, is capable of document preparation, scanning, data collection, quality assurance, data formatting, and presentation. Our team uses the latest data collection technologies, and have unmatched expertise and experience with regard to large volume data collection.
  • We are capable of being deployed as a remote data entry solution and are geared to collect electronic harvest from paper-based data fields in the most efficient and effective manner.

Consultancy & Training

Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+) are ready to be of service for document imaging solutions, business process re-engineering, deployment, and trainings.

  • We have over 18 years of focused, experienced and certified experts on digital content management, imaging, workflow mapping, deployment, and corporate level business process re-engineering.
  • We provide the best corporate level and enterprise solutions keeping inline the future growth of our clientele.