For over a decade, Tech One has been committed to offering client-oriented services focused on facilitating efficiency, innovation, and creativity in the field of Information Technology (IT). The company provides diverse services catered to all types of enterprises, including software development, enterprise software distribution, document management and knowledge process outsourcing. Moreover, the company IT professionals competency enhancement with its learning solutions and IT certifications through Tech One Learning.

Over the years, the company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, and at the same time, received acknowledgements in services and innovation from clients and industry experts. From solely offering Microsoft licensing and distribution, Tech One has branched to document management and photo retouching services.

We have served over hundreds of organizations across the world in the fields of manufacturing, banking and finance, telecommunications, small and medium enterprise, and the government and public sector.

Tech One believes that the technological revolution gathers its strength from the people. The company’s growing team of employees come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Headquartered in Sri Lanka, Tech One is also located in Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, and the United States.

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In 2003, Lars Jeppesen, Wasantha Weerakoone, Rakesh Wahi, and Ali Bagash founded Tech Distribution, which rapidly became the leading value-added Microsoft distributor. In its first five years, the company grew to having more diverse services outside software licensing and distribution and included services such as IT learning and certification, software development, document imaging, and professional photo retouching.

In 2009, after seeing growth over a span of six years, Tech Distribution was rebranded to Tech One Global in 2009. In 2012, a major merger with document management solutions company Sanje Pvt Ltd has allowed Tech One Global to expand its products and services offerings to offer software trainings, systems development, and mobile applications development.

With its merger with Sanje Pvt Ltd and the addition of mobile applications development and document management, Tech One branched out with three more products – Enadoc, a document imaging system, Etikado, a mobile-only app that helps organize photos through tags, and ImagePerfekt, a photo retouching and image processing service. To form ImagePerfekt, Tech One partnered with Cherie Steinberg Cote, one of the world’s most published wedding and boudoir photographer.

To strengthen the ImagePerfekt service, Tech One formed a team of Filipino artists who worked on image retouching, image and color correction, and image selection for wedding photos, portraits, boudoir photography, and photos of kids and pets. This service is delivered from the office in the Philippines, where it services clients all over the world.

In 2014, Tech One was assigned to be Autodesk’s value-added distributor in Sri Lanka and Maldives, providing these countries better access to Autodesk products and support.

Executive Team

Tech One is composed of seasoned and highly-qualified experts in the field of information technology coming from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Across time zones and locations, the team provides strategic corporate directions and developments with the use of the latest collaboration technologies.

Lars Jeppesen

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Wasantha Weerakoone

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Rakesh Wahi

Chairman and Co-founder

Arjuna Ranasinghe

Director - Tech One Global

Thariq Sanoon

Managing Director,
Bangladesh and Indonesia

Lahiru Munindradasa

General Manager,

Indika Sampath

General Manager,
Sanje BPO

Daminda Fonseka

Chief Financial Officer,
Sri Lanka

Akfash Latibu

Assistant General Manager,

Lushan Pathirakkody

Assistant General Manager,

Md. Humaun Kabir

Assistant General Manager,

Nishal Weerakoon

Assistant General Manager,

Raveen Subasinghe

Head of Software Development

Employee Communication

Believing that a company’s strength comes from its people, Tech One treats its employees as its most fundamental resource. The company’s collaborative and client-oriented community is able to provide premium customer experience and first-rate products, delivered through expert and good-natured service.

A balanced offce climate and flexible working arrangements in Tech One encourage inventiveness and inspiration in the work place. Company work values include initiative, teamwork, excellence, and hard work. Happy employees of Tech One translate to the company’s commitment to client satisfaction.

Tech One is composed of young, brilliant and driven individuals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Spread out over Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, and the United States, the Tech One team of nearly 500 employees is committed to rewarding, developing and retaining talent. By giving attention to career development, Tech One offers its employees the best opportunities for personal and professional growth.

CSR Initiatives

The success of a company is not limited to or measured by business milestones but also by how it contributes to a better world. This is why we strive to share our success with others through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Throughout our more than a decade of existence, we have been embracing our duty as responsible citizens through committed service in a broad range of areas including social welfare, arts, and education.

These are just some of our notable CSR initiatives:

Tech One Hope for Children

Tech One participated in the Hilton Colombo Charity Auction, where we have acquired wonderful artwork by the children from Kadiragama School at Menik Farm, North Sri Lanka, hoping to bring them encouragement and confidence for a better future.

Tech One Hope for Penitentiaries

Tech One visited the School of Fine Arts in The National Penitentiary, Muntinlupa, Philippines. We have donated art supplies, which were used to create beautiful paintings done by the penitentiaries. The art that they have created clearly showed their willfulness to live a new life.

Tech One Hope for Education

In partnership with the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka, Tech One launched a number of information technology trainings for young people. More than 10,000 academic licenses and counting were given across the country. We aim to contribute to the country’s technological literacy by engaging the youth. We believe that computer education prepares them as future global leaders in a technology-driven environment.